Eating For your Health

eating for your healthThe weather is finally beautiful and with that comes an abundance of local fresh fruits and vegetables.  Though fresh fruit and vegetables are considered to be an integral part of a healthy diet, buying non-GMO, organic produce or carefully washing your non-organic produce is extremely important. The overabundance of GMO food and pesticide spraying has compromised our food supply.  So much of our corn and soybean production is genetically modified. These seeds have been changed to resist pesticides, drought, and insects and there is much controversy over the safety of this practice. Many of the studies on this subject have been financed by the biotechnological companies who produce the GMO seeds.  To err on the side of safety seems to be a good idea. The pesticides used in farming can also pose a problem. Delicate fruit such as raspberries and strawberries soak up pesticide that is sprayed on them like a sponge. When buying non-organic fruit, it is better to choose thick-skinned fruit such as melon or oranges.

When buying produce:

  • Buy local if you can. This produce is fresher and therefore will have more nutrient value
  • Foods to always buy organic (even if on a budget)
      • Wine
      • coffee
      • apples
      • dairy
      • strawberries
      • raspberries
      • celery
      • blueberries
      • tomatoes
      • corn


When buying non-organic produce wash with a veggie wash or something non- toxic that will remove a waxy residue.