The End of Summer

This is the time of year that I see many people with tight calves…

Digestive Health During Summer

In Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine, the digestive system…

The Heart Meridian and Peaceful Sleep

The importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be overstated. In Traditional Chinese Medicine sleep disorders and insomnia are considered to be a blockage or imbalance in the body’s energy. This time of year, the fire element is most active, which is represented by 4 energy pathways or meridians, heart, small intestine, pericardium, and triple warmer.

Treating Whiplash with Myofascial Release

The whiplash injury can be a strain or sprain but can also include other types of neck injury. Most people improve within a few weeks with pain meds and exercise, but others experience chronic pain and other lasting complications.

Health and the Free Flow of Emotions

A large part of maintaining healthy relationships is having free flow of our emotions. As humans we experience a myriad of emotions every day, it is a normal and healthy occurrence.

Treating Migraines with Chinese Medicine

In TCM a headache is considered to have two parts, the root, and the branch. The root is the cause or source of the headache and the branch is the location of the pain. TCM always looks for the root cause of any disease

The Emotional Aspect of Liver Meridian

In spring the earth energies are rising up and outward in powerful bursts. There is a profusion of new growth and life in the plant and animal kingdom, the weather is warmer, and we are wanting to get outside to exercise and be in nature.

Treating Stress with Chinese Medicine

In the past, I've spoken about the amount of stress that people…

Winter - the Time of Water Element

The energy pathways most active this time of year are Bladder…

The Psychological Aspect of the Bladder Meridian

The Bladder Meridian is the longest energy pathway in the…

Supporting Our Immune System During Winter

During winter, the energy in nature moves downward and inward.…

Treating Insomnia and Anxiety with Traditional Chinese Medicine

I have encountered many people lately who are having trouble…

Give the Gift of Energy and Wellness

If you have a friend, family member or associate who can bene t from our services at Optimum Energy and Wellness, why not give them a gift certificate. You can email your gift to the recipient or print a certificate from your desktop to hand-deliver. Give the gift of wellbeing with an Optimum Energy and Wellness gift certificate.

60 minute session-$100
90 minute session-$150

A 6.625% sales tax is included with the cost of each session. Bring written confirmation from your doctor or chiropractor recommending treatment, and the sales tax will be waived

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