Chinese Medicine Tips for Winter

The energy pathways most active during winter are kidney and bladder. Winter is a time for quiet, self-reflection, meditation and nourishment of body and soul. It is also important to get plenty of sleep, eat locally grown, organic, well-cooked food, stay warm and stay hydrated.

Some foods that support the body during winter are:

  • Celery, asparagus, lettuce, endive, turnip
  • Rye, quinoa, oats, barley, salt, millet
  • Soy sauce, miso, roasted nuts
  • Hearty, warming soups, black beans
  • Steamed greens, bone broth

The kidneys hold our body’s most fundamental energy and rest is the best way to strengthen them. Kidney energy is important for the maintenance of vitality and to prevent premature aging. It also governs energy reserves which allow adaptation to life’s constant changes.

The body parts associated with the kidneys are the ears and bones. Bone broths are exceptionally nourishing for the kidneys.

Multitasking and constant stress break down kidney energy creating exhaustion and predisposition to hypertension. A major life challenge for all of us is adapting to change and maintaining body-mind balance.