Bladder, the Longest Meridian in the Body

This time of year is known as the time of the water element. The energy pathways most active are the Bladder and Kidney Meridians. I’ve spoken about the Kidney Meridian and its importance the last few weeks. Today I want to focus on the Bladder Meridian.

The Bladder Meridian is the longest energy pathway in the body. It begins at the inside corner of the eye, goes over the head down the neck, back, the back of the legs, the side of the foot and ends at the small toe. This pathway is on both sides of our body and crosses all the other meridians; in doing so, it has influence on all the other meridians.

The Bladder Meridian partners with the Kidney Meridian, together they control fluid transformation and excretion in the body. The kidney stores our deepest levels of energy, and kidney issues can be treated using bladder acupoints.  Points on the Bladder Meridian are excellent for treating headaches, eye strain, back, knee, and ankle pain, and for promoting a sense of deep relaxation. Imbalance in the bladder energy can create emotions of suspicion, jealousy, and the inability to let go of grudges.

The back responds to stress by becoming tight. “In short back tension is putting your problems behind you. With chronic back pain or tension, whatever the cause, there are likely to be some powerful suppressed feelings. For example, after a back injury, there may be fear or anger about the pain or disability.”

……Iona Teeguarden, The Joy of Feeling

To support the Bladder Meridian, stay hydrated, do stretching exercises and rest. Having your energy balanced by a licensed acupressurist or acupuncturist can help release both chronic and acute tight muscles.