The Pericardium Meridian- Summer Energy

We’ve talked about three of the energy pathways most active in summer, the fire element. The fourth pathway or organ meridian is Pericardium. Though the pericardium (the sack around the heart) is not considered an organ in western medicine, it has an important role in Chinese Medicine. The Pericardium Meridian protects the heart both physically and energetically “from damage and disruption by excessive emotions from other organs and external sources. In the Chinese system of health, extreme emotional outbursts are seen as powerful disruptors of balance and a major cause of disease.”

The Pericardium protects the heart from the emotions of anger

…from the liver, grief from the lungs and fear from the kidneys. Without the Pericardium, the heart could be damaged from strong emotional fluctuations throughout the day.

The Pericardium is paired with the Triple Warmer Meridian. It’s peak hours of activity are 7-9pm and it helps regulate the flow of blood in the major blood vessels around the heart.

The function of the Pericardium is also psychological, it rules our relationships and the emotional issues surrounding them. Pericardium energy is associated with the loving feelings related to sex. It connects the sexual energy of the kidneys with the loving feelings generated by the heart.

Some signs of Pericardium imbalance are chronic damaging relationship patterns, guarded behavior, relationship fears and inappropriate intimacy or fear of intimacy.