I began seeing Marie Oliver for acupressure and myofascial release in 2014 due to some physical pain in my hips, shoulders and neck, and around my ribcage.  She came very highly recommended to me from a few trusted sources – one who had a visible physical improvement due to her bodywork with Marie.

Marie instantly made me feel comfortable as she is warm, caring and loving in ALL she does, with no agenda of her own other than to help us release our restrictions so we can heal ourselves.

Although I didn’t realize it, I was not able to take a deep breath for a very long time.  Turns out I was holding onto a lot of worry and sadness for many years from past Family issues – and had no idea.

As I was putting my shoes back on after the very first session with Marie, I took 2 deep breaths in a row – this was totally amazing to me and it felt so great to be able to breathe!  I was instantly a believer and have been working with Marie on a regular basis ever since, with marked improvements for my overall health.  My breathing has become easier and I am able to breathe deeply without struggle.

Marie is always working on learning more ways to help her clients and is very informative on how we can help ourselves when not in a session with her.  I am much more prone to try holistic approaches, rather than just take a pharmaceutical drug (with possible addictive qualities) to mask pain, especially what was chronic pain.

My health insurance does not cover this bodywork, although it’s a big part of why I don’t have to visit doctors or specialists all the time, thus saving the insurance company money.  However, some folks with a better insurance plan may be able to get it covered.

But I find that this bodywork is so helpful and meaningful that I am happy to pay out-of-pocket to work with Marie Oliver on a regular basis – she is amazing and provides REAL, long-term relief and education on our mind/body/spirit connections.  I am constantly amazed at these connections and how it all reacts to what is going on or what has happened in our lives or our environment.

I truly think EVERYONE would benefit from the work that Marie Oliver provides and would absolutely reduce healthcare costs in general. 

Thank you, Marie!