Winter – the Time of Water Element

Photo by Josie Lopez on Unsplash

The energy pathways most active this time of year are Bladder and Kidney. Winter is a time of quiet reflection and nurturing our bodies to ready them for the increased activity of spring. If we do not rest and renew our energy, we will be exhausted when the increased energy demands of spring are upon us.

The emotion associated with this season is fear. In this difficult time in our country, fear is quite palpable. People are afraid to leave their homes and meet with friends and family. They are confused and frightened about taking a vaccine and about their future freedoms.

Everyone must make their own decisions on these matters and do what they are comfortable with, but we must remember that nurturing ourselves is vitally important. When we live seasonally according to nature’s example our health improves.

During Winter it is important to:

  • Get plenty of rest (7-8 hours a night). This will support our adrenals and our immune system.
  • Not overdo activity, take time to rest during your day.
  • Eat warming, hearty foods such as soups and stews.
  • Dress for the weather, avoid overexposure to cold.
  • Include some type of exercise into your routine. Yoga and Tai Chi include movement with a meditative mindset.
  • Renew your faith, whatever it may be, and replace fear with hope.

Find ways to connect with family and friends, if not safely in person, then through facetime or zoom. Support your immune system with healthy supplements, such as vitamin C, D, and Zinc. Remember one thing to count on is that our situation will change. We must remain positive and not give into fear.