The Psychological Aspect of Indian Summer in TCM

The earth element, which is the most active energy at this time of year, encourages us to be balanced and grounded in our core and to nurture body, mind, and spirit. “Value and nourish yourself as the highest level of personal spiritual practice you can do, so that your love can then flow out to others.” Being grounded and balanced means to also be aware of our limits. When we overextend our energy, we are thrown out of balance.

The meridians associated with Indian Summer are the spleen and stomach. The earth element governs the “digestion” of thoughts and reasoning on the mental-emotional level. It emphasizes our need to be rooted, harmonious, and stabilized whether in family, community, or work environment.

getting grounded

5 steps to getting grounded – by Damini Celebre

Considering the amount of fear and uncertainty in our present reality, it is especially important to be centered in our bodies and emotions. We live in a sea of energy, and we are affected by the energy around us and what we listen to. Stressful thoughts and feelings can throw us off balance and influence our decision making. It is always best to act from a calm center.

The best way to center ourselves is through our breathing and meditation. I am including a link to a website from Damini Celebre which talks about the importance of being grounded and has a 5-step process for centering and balancing the body’s energy. For a more in-depth look at staying balanced and grounded in our bodies, click here.  How to Stay Centered during turbulent times — Damini Celebre

To promote inner calm and harmony avoid absorbing too much negative information. Spend time meditating, walking in nature, listening to positive and inspirational information, and music. The beginning of each season is the perfect time to have your energy balanced. Spend time in introspection. Create the life you want.

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