Chinese Medicine Tips for Indian Summer

Indian Summer (late summer) is the season of the earth element.

Photo by Christian Bowen on Unsplash

It is a time to slow down and observe the abundance created during summer. It is also a time of self-reflection and self-awareness. With self-awareness, we can be cognizant of our needs and nourish ourselves. When our needs are met, we have the surplus energy to be sensitive to the needs of others.

In order to move forward with ease, we must be grounded in our center. The earth element provides us with this grounding and balance. It is the transition point between the seasons. The earth element is present late summer, late autumn, late winter, and late spring.

The energy pathways associated with the earth element are stomach and spleen. Tips to support the spleen and stomach energy are:

  • Avoid excess consumption of cold tea, liquor, cold melons, and sweet greasy foods.
  • It is important to exercise at least three days a week. Long periods of inactivity are harmful to spleen and stomach energy.
  • Eat a healthy, nutritional diet including fresh fruits and vegetables, a little protein and some grain.
  • Yellow and orange foods, foods harvested in late summer and root vegetables are very good to support stomach energy.
  • Eat dinner by 6 or 7pm each night if possible. To give the stomach time to digest before sleep.